The Trials and Tribulations of Losing and Gaining Weight

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Wedding Photo with Kevin and Geoffrey

At our wedding our son was hungry and interrupted the ceremony. It was the highlight of the day. LOL!  Here I was 120 pounds and a size 8.  It took a baby to get me here.

When I was younger I never had a weight issue. I was very active and I had good genes when it came to weight. In high school I weighed between 115-118 pounds, a good healthy weight. Most of the girls I went to school with were within this weight. Being fat wasn’t something you saw that often, unlike today’s kids. Since I started on the NORI protocol I’d been losing weight like never before. The last time I lost weight even close to this is after my father died when I was 19. I lost 10 pounds in one week. I barely ate anything and when I did I would only take a few bites before I felt full. It was how my body (and mind, they are after all connected) grieved. Over the next year I lost another 5 pounds bringing me down to 105. People started saying, “If you turn sideways you disappear.” Then I had children. My first child actually put me in what most people would consider a healthy weight. I no longer was told I disappeared. But I digress.

Till I had kids I always had to watch my weight. Not the way most people do. I would lose if I missed even one meal. Have a sister who accused me of being anorexic. Here I am at 29 and 108#.

Till I had kids I always had to watch my weight. Not the way most people do. I would lose if I missed even one meal. Have a sister who accused me of being anorexic. Here I am at 29 and 108#.

It never really worried me once I got use to the fact that I weighed so little till a few years later I got an infection and ended up in the hospital for 9 days. I lost another 7-8 pounds, almost a pound a day. When I left the hospital I was so skinny I looked as if I hadn’t eaten in months. My legs were so bony; there was hardly any meat on them. A few weeks later I decided to go swimming (I had been a strong swimmer before my hospital stay), I found out very quickly how losing so much weight could have a drastic affect on your strength. No sooner did I jump in than I realized I wasn’t able to stay afloat. One, I had no real fat on me anymore and there wasn’t that much there before. My strength was gone as well. I had to struggle to get to the pools edge and pull myself out. I was exhausted and terrified. I didn’t go into a pool or pond for years after.

So here I am, again turning sideways and disappearing. My husband even told Mark (NORI protocol director/developer) that I looked like I had just come out of Auschwitz I was so skinny. Personally I know I didn’t look that bad. However, I am very skinny. It took only 3 months to go from 145 pounds to 115 pounds.   I eat a very low methionine diet for 3 weeks than a high level for 1 week. I try to eat as much as I can during this high week to gain whatever poundage I can before starting my 3 week diet just so I can lose what I gain. I have gone down as low as 110 pounds, which at a younger age would look great but at 58 years old, my skin isn’t what it use to be.  This wouldn’t be so bad if I had muscle but without doing exercises while I lost I’m just skin and bones.

There was one other time I lost a lot of weight in 3 months. I was 45 then. I took up weight lifting and I had changed my diet to a high protein one. I went form 145 to 119, all muscle. Looked better than I had at 24 as a dancer and I looked pretty damn good then if I do say so myself (LOL). The one thing I forgot to do this time was I didn’t exercise. I knew better and I didn’t even think about it. I had gotten out of the habit and with the devastating news of cancer it wasn’t exactly on my mind. Now I have to play catch up. It’s slow going. I don’t belong to a gym (cost too much) but I do have weights and pull up bars at home I can use. Even if you don’t have anything at all at home you still have access to exercise equipment that is hiding inside your home.

If you have a chair, sofa, coffee table, and even a blank wall, you have the makings of a gym. Here is one site that can guide you on your way: I have also sent a message to a trainer that I am hoping to make a connection with. My hope is that she will develop a routine that will help keep our bodies firm while we lose the weight, preferably without losing more. Keeping muscle on is extremely important and that is what we have to focus on rather than weight loss as so many others are doing. The diet alone will do that part for you. Lets hope for the best that I can update this article soon.

Well here it is!  Tracy responded back to me and said I could link to her videos.  I selected 3 to get you started.  These cover most of what you need.  Oh, and men, just because she references women here it is for you too.  We all have the same muscles and this is focused on firming not major muscle building so have at it.  Of course don’t forget to rebound to get your lymphatic moving to it’s ultimate.

Happy moving!


For your lower body

For Your stomach area.

For your upper arms





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