Healing a bird

July 05 , 2016 by: Virginia MacDonald Uncategorized

SparrowThe other day I was at the salon picking up some supplies to bring to a client’s house when someone said a bird had flown into the shop. So I went looking for the bird in hopes of guiding it back out to where it could find food.

I found the small bird on the top of a cabinet in the very back where it was dark. My intention was to open the back door so the little guy could fly out on his own. Before I could do that he got scared and flew toward the front, right into a lady sitting at the front reading a magazine. She was so surprised (not knowing what had just happened) that she jumped up knocking the poor bird onto the floor. When I got up there I saw that he was a sparrow. I tried to scoop him up but he was still very frightened as you would expect and tried to get away but did not seem to have the ability to fly nor stay up on both feet. I finally scooped him up in my hands and he just lay there.

I was afraid that he might need medical attention. My thoughts went to the possibility he might have injured his wing, foot or both. I showed my booth mate the bird and told her my concerns when she reminded me I should try Reiki on the little thing. I had totally forgotten that I could do that! It’s always the first thing I think about when someone tells me they have a headache, a cold, flu or some other malady but this time it flew right out of my head.

So I put my right hand over the bird and in only a few seconds I felt him pop up on to his feet. It was so fast that I was shocked. I had heard that animals respond to Reiki quickly and I had used it on my dogs before with quick results just not this quick. Of course with Reiki size does matter, the smaller the creature the faster the results. I lifted my hand off of him and he just sat there, now looking quite calm and not the panic that had been present just a moment before. Now I had to get him outside to see if he would fly away. To be sure he did not fly too soon I again covered him with my hand, just enough to (with fingers sprayed like a cage) keep him from getting away. Once I was outside I again lifted my hand off of him. He sat there for a moment (getting his bearings I am sure) and then took off. I was overjoyed to see him able to stand and now fly again.

Reiki become an intricate part of my life in 2010.  I have helped many people recover from many different aliments since then.  I use it on myself, my family as well as my pets when they do not feel well.   This was the first time I have used it on a wild animal and the smallest one to date. No matter how many times I use it, it amazes me with its power to heal. God’s creations are all made of energy and that energy is all interconnected to everything else. This energy is never more apparent than when Reiki is administered.   You will find Reiki practitioners in cancer hospitals all over helping alleviate the stress and pain of chemotherapy. Little by little it is being an excepted into mainstream medicine. Right now it is just to relax the person but hopefully in the future they will see that Reiki goes much deeper than that and can be used to actually help heal both the mind and the body.



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