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Me at 145# before my diagnosis.

Me at 145# before my diagnosis.


Here I am at 115#. Notice how much looser my sweater is on me? I am on my high week here trying to gain back weight before I start back on my 3 low weeks. At the beginning of the week I was only 111#.

When I started on the NORI potocol I was 145#.  I had tried to lose the weight but after going through menopause my body just wasn’t responding like it use to.  When I was 45, I started weight lifting and eating a high protein diet to get my body back.  At that time I was also 145#.  In just 3 months I went from 145# to 119# and looked better than I had in my 20’s when I was only 105# and a dancer. Within 3 months I had dropped 26#.  Now this didn’t just happen, I worked hard, going to the gym 2 times a day, 5 days a week.  I was also on a high protein diet.  Fast forward to 2014.  I find out I have cancer, within 2 weeks of intense research, I decided how I was going to deal with this new reality.  I became what I call “an extreme vegan”.  In that same 3 month period, I dropped 32# and without the extreme exercising.  Not only that but the weight had dropped off me like melting butter.  I was amazed!  I loved having my thin body back.  It felt alien to me having that extra weight on.

Till I had kids I always had to watch my weight. Not the way most people do. I would lose if I missed even one meal. Have a sister who accused me of being anorexic. Here I am at 29 and 108#.

Till I had kids I always had to watch my weight. Not the way most people do. I would lose if I missed even one meal. Have a sister who accused me of being anorexic. Here I am at 29 and 108#.

Most of my life I had been thin so that is what felt normal to me.  As the weight came off I also had tons of energy that I hadn’t experienced in years.  However, the longer I was on the protocol the more weight I lost.

For many if not all on this protocol there is a need to gain weight back because of our treatments and diet.  After being on a low methionine diet for 3 weeks we lose weight, sometimes too much weight.  During that one week before going back on the low weeks, we really need to bulk up and bulk up fast.  There are lots of foods we can eat during that one week but what if you can’t eat enough, chewing food has gotten too hard or even that your stomach has shrunk so you just don’t feel hungry anymore?  What then?  One of Recipes to Beat Cancer members husband is not on the NORI protocol exactly, but is trying to get him to eat in a way that still supports the body while under other treatments.  Unfortunately, because his stomach has shrunk to such a point he can not eat enough.  So I have gone in search of smoothie recipes to fill that void.

When you chew your food it gives your brain time to register that you are eating so it now can tell you when you are full.  That is why you are told to eat slowly when you are trying to loss weight.  This doesn’t work so well when you need to get more not less food into you.  So what happens when you drink your food?  LOTS!!!  You are suddenly able to take in more nutrition because the brain doesn’t have time to register that food is going in.  Hence, more nutrition and calories very quickly.

On my week off of my restricted diet I almost live to eat since I only have 7 days to get in as many calories as possible.  I wasn’t trained as a nutritionist but I do research when it has to do with eating properly for my health and I write about what I find through my recipes.  Because of the need to keep the recipes low methionine (for me it has to stay at 104mg per day where the average person is recommended to eat 800 to 1,000mg of methionine per day, most eat way more then is healthy (this is a sure case of more is not better).  As I said earlier, I eat as, what I call “an extreme vegan”.  I eat primarily fruit, yet I am not a Fruitarian.  I also eat sweet potato noodles and vegetables at least once a day, usually dinner.  By eating mostly fruit I keep my methionine levels way down and still stay full and energized.  I don’t worry about the sugar since sugar from fruit doesn’t cause the spiking of insulin that process sugar does.  (Do check with your doctor first if you are diabetic before eating this way.)

Pineapple, Banana & Grape Smoothie

Grapefruit and banana smoothie.

Drinking smoothies can also work to lose weight, you just need to fill them with low methionine fruits and veggies that are still high in nutrition.  Drink them slowly over the day and you will lose without having to count calories or points for that matter.  You still get to eat lots of other foods and always feel full and satiated.  Yet the weight will come off and your body’s immune system will start to amp up, protecting you from illness so you don’t have to go as extreme as I have had to.


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