Finding The Time

October 13 , 2017 by: Virginia MacDonald Uncategorized

A bit ago I read an email regarding “I don’t have the time”.  When people hear all the tings I do they basically say the same thing to me.  “How do you find the time?”  I don’t, at least not all in one day.  It comes down to this:

  1. Is it important to you?
  2. When does it need to be done by?
  3. Is what you are doing important to you?

Once you know these 3 things you can decide what can be dropped from your life.  It doesn’t mean you never get to do these things ever again.  You just need to prioritize what happens in your life the same way you do at work.  Be the boss of your life.

When I got cancer my life was thrown upside down.  I had to do treatments everyday, several times a day, change the way I ate, take herbal medicines that I had to prep myself.  This you can imagine takes quite a bit of time.  I even started this blog as well as a support group on Facebook.   All this and my regular life still went on.  Bills needed paying, clients needed services, and family needed whatever family needs.  Never the less I got it all done.  Yeah, right.  No, I didn’t, at least not everything everyday.  You have to choose what is most important to you.  Not someone else.  Delegate when you can.  That last one I think is the hardest.  What I find least important is cleaning the house so it is spotless.  It has never been a priority, ask anyone in my family, even less now.  I still want the floors to be free of dog hair and the dishes to be cleaned and ready for use, laundry done and the yard weeded.  The dusting doesn’t always get done, the beds don’t tend to get made so they look like a magazine cover, and the papers do pile up.  I just don’t find cleaning the house all that.  I love having a clean and organized house; it’s just not a priority for me.  What I do find important is first and foremost my health, then my family, client’s, my cancer blog and website, and finally being creative with my hands (sewing, painting, sculpting…), all in that order.

Everyday is different, some days I take care of family, house items, a little sewing.  Other days I have clients booked all day.  Nothing on my list gets done everyday, except of course what I have to for my health.  Even some of that can’t be done everyday.  So you can see even the most important things in your life need some wiggle room.

The point is there is time to do what is important to you too.  You just have to decide what’s important and what isn’t.  What you have to do yourself and what you can delegate.  As long as you’re still alive you have time.  Are you using yours everyday or are you throwing it away?  Only you can decide.



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