Q.   I can’t find any recipes on the site.  How do I access them?

A.   At this time the only way to access recipes is to use the search box, which is found on all but the Home page.

Q.   When I go into Membership Account it says I am logged in but is requiring me to re-register.  Why is that?

A.   Membership Account is only for changing your account.  If you went in there for any other reason it will ask you to re-register.  Do not do this.  Contact me if you are having trouble changing your account.

Q.  I went into the Membership Account to find recipes but it is asking me to register but it shows me as being already logged in.  Whats happening?

A.   If it indicates you are already logged in and you were trying to find recipes please type in the search box what you want and you should find recipes that way.  Do not re-register.

Q.  How do I calculate how much methionine I am allowed per day?

A.  You need to calculate your body weight into kilograms and then multiply that by 2.  That will give you the number of grams you can eat per day.  (This formula is only for those fighting cancer not for those trying to lose weight.)