A bit ago I read an email regarding “I don’t have the time”.  When people hear all the tings I do they basically say the same thing to me.  “How do you find the time?”  I don’t, at least not all in one day.  It comes down to this: Is it important to you? When […]

I know many of you have wondered what happened to me since I haven’t been responding to your comments as I had been before. So I thought you might like to know what I have been dealing with. To say I was preparing to die is an understatement. I was sure that I didn’t have […]

The other day I was at the salon picking up some supplies to bring to a client’s house when someone said a bird had flown into the shop. So I went looking for the bird in hopes of guiding it back out to where it could find food. I found the small bird on the […]

When I was younger I never had a weight issue. I was very active and I had good genes when it came to weight. In high school I weighed between 115-118 pounds, a good healthy weight. Most of the girls I went to school with were within this weight. Being fat wasn’t something you saw […]

Well, it’s been awhile since I wrote here. My life has been anything but boring that’s for sure. Can’t believe it’s been since October! Sorry about that. Life can sometimes get the best of you. I have been devoting my time to creating brand new recipes of my own making, thank you very much. I’ve […]

When I started on the NORI potocol I was 145#.  I had tried to lose the weight but after going through menopause my body just wasn’t responding like it use to.  When I was 45, I started weight lifting and eating a high protein diet to get my body back.  At that time I was […]

When I was in grammar school I use to get good grades in math. Then I hit high school and had to learn Algebra. My grades went from A’s to F’s so fast. I studied, had tutoring with the teacher with other students. She just didn’t understand why I couldn’t get how it worked. In […]

Tis the season to be jolly or so they say. When you are on a MR diet (or any restricted diet) you do the best you can among those who don’t understand. Some try and may even go the extra mile and eat like you do so you don’t feel all alone. Then there are […]


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I must admit, I haven’t been that good at exercising in the last year or so.  In my 40’s I was an avid body builder. I went from an aging 145# mother of two to a muscular young 40 something, weighing in at 118# in a matter of 3 months. I had never looked so […]


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Boy, writing a blog while you are making a food website is not easy. Most of my time has been put into creating recipes and then setting them up on the site so you guys can access them as quickly as possible. I even stopped putting pictures and explanations with the recipes so I could […]

Half way through our trip to Kansas we went to a place called Café Gratitude.  It’s an all vegan restaurant where everything on the menu was available to me.  What a concept!  Most restaurants might offer one maybe even two options I can choose from and even then I will probably have to remove things from […]

A little over a week ago my husband and I flew to Kansas for his 4oth High School Reunion.  We planned to be there for 10 days.  I left all the planning up to him.  This after all was for him and on his home turf.  I was just along for the ride. The exception […]

It’s been one year, 1 month and 10 days since my diagnoses. Since then things have changed a bit. Tim McGraw’s song “Live like you were dying” seems to have become my theme song without even realizing it. I don’t go jumping out of planes or go climbing the highest mountain (at least not literally), […]

A Year Ago

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So, I have known about my breast cancer for over a year now.  I was thinking back on what transpired before I found out.  This is what I remember:  I went to get my physical; the doctor palpated my breast and didn’t seem concerned.  As usual he reminded me to get my Mammogram.  I hadn’t […]

New Jersey Trip

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Last January our son Geoffrey graduated from school with a Masters in Public Policy from Monmouth University in New Jersey.  Months before we arrived, he had arranged to have his friend Chef Mark Mikolajczyk of the Black Trumpet create a vegan meal just for me.  He thought at the time that we all would get […]

When I first started I asked people if they had any recipes that they already had that were at least close to what I needed. For a while, no one offered anything. Then a business buddy got me one from his wife. I was so grateful, he will never know just how much it meant […]

I was 56 when I got diagnosed with bifocal breast cancer. Just a few weeks before I turned 57. At the end of July I went in for my double biopsy. On August 1st 2014 my doctor called with the bad news; I had breast cancer and I needed to see an oncologist ASAP! My […]